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LEC Billing and New Payment Technology Solutions by Total Source Consulting

TSC is a provider of a proprietary billing platforms that create less customer churn, optimizing sales, sales channel preferences based on advanced tracking data.

Direct Marketing today requires a comprehensive array of payment options in order to convert more prospects into paying customers, so as to achieve a greater Return On Investment (ROI). Since cash is difficult to acquire online or over the phone issues surrounding identity theft and credit card fraud, vendors are forced more than ever before to provide their would be customers with payment options that will allow for additional sales.

In its efforts to make precise matches between vendors & strategies, TSC has, at its disposal, an array of sales, marketing, and alternative billing programs. Our programs come in all shapes, sizes, and have a proven record of success across a broad range of direct marketing vendors. In the end, you will decide which programs best apply to your company’s needs.

TSC has identified NPTs as the single most effective tool for vendors to keep their competitive edge. Adoption of these new ways of retailing will increase their customer acquisition and retention by as much as 35 percent.

New payment technologies (NPTs) need some getting use to. Their charging and billing process lends itself to customer confusion; producing more of a disgruntled customer base.

To combat this, TSC believes that, for now, only with a new sort of sales etiquette, which approaches the buying public differently, can vendors take full advantage of the overwhelming benefits of NPTs.

This new etiquette emphasizes inbound mean growth and survival instead of outbound telesales. Inbound succeeds it letting the customer take the initiative. There may be still be buyer’s remorse, but little in the way of dissatisfaction. In short, it causes little in the way of friction that outbound “ask-for-sale” approaches might, but plenty of “good will” from customers asking to be sold.

Although e-commerce rivals inbound sales, it is not an approach that allows the customer to directly ask to be billed, and then have it recorded and archived as the proof of sale.

"By integrating an outboud calling campaign with Total Source, we were able to make and immediate and significant improvement in sales lead volume and quality. Now we can concentrate on what we do best."

Chris DeSalle - CEO
Optim Consulting
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