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Call Center Solutions ??? Call centers need to be capable of handling high-volume, inbound (online & direct response) programs. TGP can provide call center telesales for vendors which will lower complaints and chargebacks. Call centers can achieve their greatest results, with LEC-billing, when their intake operations are telesales-oriented and not just order-taking set-ups.

Online Sales Solutions ??? TGP believes that e-commerce is the great alternative sales channel. LEC-billing requires direct sales to avoid disputes. The answer for vendors lies in online advertising that directs customers to buy through inbound telesales. To generate optimal profits, each vendor must choose a weave of sales programs and billing options. It has to consist of a mix of payment processing methods, best billing, practices, add-on revenue opportunities, and lead generation.

Data Validation and Authentication ??? TGP leads where the data tells it to. To further optimize sales for vendors, it has access to data that can help identify high risk accounts to lessen fraud, bad debt, or otherwise unwanted and unbillable customers.

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By integrating an outboud calling campaign with TGEN, we were able to make and immediate and significant improvement in sales lead volume and quality. Now we can concentrate on what we do best.


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