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TGEN Partners (TGP) is group of experts with over forty years of combined experience in direct marketing, call center and telecom services.

TGP can help you develop an outbound telemarketing campaign to reach your companies prospects effectively to help you reach your marketing calls.

TGP has established a successful track record in improving the overall online customer experience by directing your clients to the right kind of solutions for your specific needs.

In detail, TGP does a meticulous review and analysis of the call centers on their constantly morphing broker list; before they reach the comfort level necessary to use them as part of your marketing solution.

From Fortune 500 companies to small or startup businesses, TGP can enhance all of your touch-points, including: customer care, telesales, database management, and much more. TGP call center partners are located in over 20 countries, and we???re evaluating more every day.

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By integrating an outboud calling campaign with TGEN Partners, we were able to make and immediate and significant improvement in sales lead volume and quality. Now we can concentrate on what we do best.


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